Visit from the US

Debbie and Steve

This april I´ve had visitors from the US

It was a long awaited visit, from some distant relatives living in California USA.

Years ago, When we traced back through the family-line and the generations, we discovered that the same family on Christiansø was common relatives for both of us. The funny thing was, that it wasn´t the parents there where common, but two of the children.

Her line ended at a daughter, and mine ended at a son.

Daphne Louise Hanssen and family.

Some of the American line was : Daphne Louise Hanssen (1896-1980) who was the daughter of Lillie May Stibolt, born 3. februar 1871 i Rock Island, Illinois. Married 28. juni 1894 i Davenport with arkitekt Gustaf Adolph Hanssen, born 22. november 1869 in Davenport.

Daphne Louise Hanssen was Debbies grandmother.

The trip

Ertholm on Christiansø.

On a Saturday we met at Gudhjem harbor, and talked together before taking the ferry to Christiansø in a attempt to find our fore­fathers grave, but without much success, anyway we did find the graveyard. While we looked around, we visited a shop with a perculiary name "Lighuset", where Steve found a birthdaypresent to Debbie.

I told them a little about Christiansø´s hi­story, while we spend some hours wandering around the islands, talking and taking pictures.

Back in Gudhjem, we said godbye for this time, speaking about me coming to visit Debbie and Steve in California.

Andreas Henrik Stibolt
the father of our common relatives.


Some pictures from the trip to Christiansø.